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Extraordinary Perfomance and Capabilities for Maximum Home Theater Enjoyment.

Yamaha Audio and Video 2017 [Korean] Yamaha Audio and Video 2017PDF [48.2MB]

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  • Powerful 32-Bit Original LSI (YSS-928) Incorporates Dolby Digital, DTS and Dolby Pro-Logic Decoders plus DSP Processing Circuits
  • 96-kHz/24-Bit DACs: High Performance and Precision BurrBrown DACs for L/C/R Channels and 96-kHz 24-Bit DACs for Other 6 Channels
  • 49 Surround Programs
  • Quad-Field CINEMA DSP for 6.1-Channel Digital Surround
  • SILENT CINEMA for Headphone Play
  • Wide-Range Frequency Response for DVD-Audio Compatibility
  • Versatile Digital Inputs/Outputs and Custom Installation Capability with RS-232C Interface and Zone 2 Out
  • Direct-Access (Multi-Command, Learning-Capable and Preset) Remote Control Unit

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