HPH-MT5 스튜디오 모니터 헤드폰

전설의 변화

It takes a true original to become an industry standard, and since their inception Yamaha’s NS-10M studio monitor speakers have become a mainstay of professional studios the world over, renowned for their legendary accuracy. From the NS-10M to the MSP and HS Series, Yamaha has remained faithful to a design philosophy focused on delivering the sonic accuracy that provides sound professionals with the perfect platform upon which to develop and establish their own signature sound. MT Series studio monitor headphones remain true to this fundamental concept, delivering precision sound reproduction that meets the demanding requirements of today’s professional studio and monitoring applications.

With unmatched fidelity in a sturdy yet stylish design, and the durability to hold up to the rigors of the road, Yamaha’s MT Series headphones offer a level of comfort you’ll be thankful for after long hours in a critical listening environment.

HPH-MT5 스튜디오 모니터 헤드폰

High-grade monitor headphones that deliver a balanced sound faithful to the source. Perfect for in the studio, music production at home, or for personal listening. Great portability thanks to the folding arm and 250g light weight hardware designing.

  • CCAW 음성 코일이 장착된 40mm 맞춤형 드라이버가 광범위한 주파수 범위와 정확한 반응 제공
  • 편리한 휴대용 가방 포함
  • 250g light weight, smooth synthetic leather and low-resistance cushions ensure stress-free wearability
  • 오랜 시간 작업에도 피로를 완화시켜 주는 3차원 암(arm) 중심 구조와 조절 가능한 긴 슬라이더
  • 이동 가능한 이어컵으로 싱글 이어 모니터링 가능
  • Thick, durable ABS housing and folding arm ideal for use in tough working environments or travel
  • 다양한 사용 용도에 적합한 3m 직선 케이블 *6.3mm 직경 표준 스테레오 플러그 어댑터 포함
  • 이동 가능한 이어컵으로 싱글 이어 모니터링 가능