HPH-MT5W 스튜디오 모니터 헤드폰

Accurate sound for professional monitoring and 250gm light weight

High-grade monitor headphones that deliver a balanced sound faithful to the source. Perfect for in the studio, music production at home, or for personal listening. Comfortable monitoring even during lengthy, extended sessions thanks to ultra light weight 250g hardware.


가장 정확한 해상도와 컨트롤을 구현하기 위해 MT7 헤드폰은 CCAW 음성 코일이 장착된 맞춤형 드라이버와 강력한 네오디뮴 마그넷을 갖추었습니다. 드라이버는 고전도성 구리로 코팅된 알루미늄 선으로 만들어져 가볍지만 강력합니다. 이를 통해 15Hz-25kHz의 넓은 주파수 응답과 현대적인 전문 모니터링의 요건을 충족하는 초고해상도 플랫 사운드를 전달합니다.

기타 음향 요소

암에서 이어컵까지 MT7 헤드폰의 모든 음향 요소는 외부 공명을 완벽하게 제거하여 가장 정확한 사운드를 전달하도록 디자인되었습니다.

Superb Isolation and Comfortability

For professional users who perform critical listening and studio recording, it is important that their headphones fit in a way that prevents fatigue during extended listening sessions, and isolation that allows concentration while working. HPH-MT5 headphones provide superb comfort and isolation, and are specifically designed to meet the high standards of professional users.


MT7 헤드폰은 밀폐형으로 매끈하고 스타일리시한 디자인과 편안하게 맞으면서 완벽한 차음이 가능한 타원형의 덮개형 구조로 이루어져 있습니다.

이어 패드

3차원 암 중심 구조와 조절 가능한 긴 슬라이더로 이어컵의 각도를 착용자의 머리 모양에 완벽하게 맞출 수 있어서 장시간 작업에도 피곤하지 않습니다. 또한, MT7 헤드폰에는 필요에 따라 싱글 이어 모니터링을 할 수 있도록 이동 가능한 이어컵이 있습니다.


3차원 암 중심 구조와 조절 가능한 긴 슬라이더로 이어컵의 각도를 착용자의 머리 모양에 완벽하게 맞출 수 있어서 장시간 작업에도 피곤하지 않습니다. 또한, MT7W 헤드폰에는 필요에 따라 싱글 이어 모니터링을 할 수 있도록 이동 가능한 이어컵이 있습니다.

견고하고 믿을 수 있는 구조

Built for professional use, HPH-MT5 headphones feature a sleek, simple construction with the durability to withstand the rigors of road travel. Whether you’re recording or mixing in the studio, doing live sound for an outdoor gig, or even checking tracks on the move, the MT5 headphones are a flexible monitoring solution for the professional user.

하우징, 지지 암, 헤드밴드

Each component in the MT5 headphones has been developed with durability and light weight in mind with the portability of folding arm.


MT5 headphones have been designed to make users aware of the cable without being hindered by it, while providing enough length for monitoring applications where mobility is a consideration. The detachable straight 3 meter cable come equipped with a corrosion-resistant gold-plated stereo mini-plug and a gold-plated 6.3 mm stereo adaptor.

Design the tools that are trusted by professionals.

Designers Message

The HPH-MT series continues the design philosophy of Yamaha’s studio monitor speakers, which is to deliver faithful reproduction of the source signal. The design of the MT7—the first product in the series to be released—features a tuning forks mark in the center of a circular housing, with the headphone arm offset in a configuration that is simple yet durable and stylish. The MT5 and MT8 follow the same basic design philosophy with the addition of a folding mechanism and a detachable cable, completing a new high-performance lineup. These additional capabilities brought with them a problem: the durability of the movable sections. By adding a rounded “waist” to the folding mechanism connecting the two arms to the broad headband, we were able to give it a rational strength without compromising on the flexibility of the mechanism. This “waist” also serves as somewhere for the fingers to grip when adjusting the slide.

Although these headphones are intended for commercial use, we didn’t want to give them a rough, rugged feel, and I believe that the waist adds elegance to the overall form while giving it a shape that is typically Yamaha.

Our goal was to create a tool that would serve as a partner for professional users. These headphones possess a silhouette that has been designed to create a circle extending from the housing through to the headband when worn, enhancing the unity between the headphones and the user. This series features a housing with a tranquil aspect, giving no hint of the complex internal construction required to deliver precision playback, in a sleek, ornamentation-free form that offers a superb fit. Yamaha’s design philosophy stresses that the user is always central to any product design, and we would be delighted to be able to craft “partners” that people can trust to assist them behind the scenes for extended periods.