VXL 시리즈 "P 모델"

Dante PoE powered speaker system

The VXL1B-16P and VXL1W-16P support the "Dante" audio network, and use a slim line-array configuration, making them an easy fit perfectly for conference rooms (in the size range of 12m × 10m) that demand vocal clarity while imposing numerous constraints on space, and require both functionality and a sense of design. With audio distributed via a Dante network and PoE power* supplied from a PoE compliant L2 switch, the speaker system can be constructed as a network, allowing existing IT infrastructure to be effectively utilized. Simple wiring via LAN cables, easy installation, and no need for a power amp contribute to the flexibility of installation, allowing you to construct an elegant sound system that will not interfere with the design of the conference room.

* When using an IEEE802.3at compliant PoE power supply device, the maximum speaker output is 15W; when using an IEEE802.3af compliant PoE power supply device, the maximum speaker output is 6W.

VXL1B-16P / VXL1W-16P

Dante PoE powered speaker with 16 x 1.5" drivers

  • 1.5 inch (3.75 cm) full-range speaker units with neodymium magnets
  • Slim design complements any interior décor
  • Available in black or white
  • Enclosures can be painted to match surroundings
  • Wall mount bracket supplied
  • Optional hardware for a wide range of installation needs


VXL 시리즈용 벽면 장착 브래킷

  • 호환 모델: VXL1-24/16/8, VXL1-16P
  • 수평 및 수직 각도 조정이 가능한 벽면 장착 브래킷


VXL 시리즈용 수평 커플링 브래킷

  • 호환 모델: VXL1-24/16/8, VXL1-16P
  • 수평 VXL 시리즈 스피커 커플링 확장 브래킷


Pole Mount Bracket for VXL series

  • Compatible Models: VXL1-24/VXL1-16/VXL1-8 and VXL1-16P
  • Expansion adapter to pole mount the VXL series speaker
  • Dimensions 46.5(W) × 190(H) × 98(D) mm
  • Suitable for pole diameter of 35 mm
  • Net weight 0.60 kg


SWR2100P 시리즈 L2 스위치는 네트워크상의 PoE 지원 장치에 전원을 공급합니다.


Intelligent L2 switch with Dante optimization function and PoE power supply.